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Who we are


This is our Mission, vision and values; please visit our facilities and the REMIRU means of production in this corporate video.


REMIRU is a specialist in the transformation of steel and aluminium sheets through internal production processes: laser cutting, punching, bending, panelling, welding and assembly, and management of external processes, painting, surface treatments and other auxiliary operations. It is aimed at clients from different sectors (industrial subcontracting), providing integral solutions, adapting to clients designs and technical and logistic specifications.


REMIRU's vision is to be recognized as a faithful ally, technologically advanced and committed to the client, offering high quality solutions at the best price and delivery terms. We are a reference supplier in sectors in which we are already present (elevators, rail, electrical cabinets, wind energy, road signs, appliances, street furniture, boilers, etc.) and we would also like to enter new sectors such as bus, naval, solar energy and food.


Customer orientation and quality service

Commitment, effort and responsibility. We are very aware of the commitment we have with our clients and the responsibility to meet their needs and expectations. We strive to achieve customer satisfaction.

Leadership, motivation and teamwork

We believe that the basis of our success is a well-managed teamwork, understanding our company as a gear in which the excellent work of each area / process in collaboration with the rest serves to achieve the best results.

Honesty and respect

Honesty and respect towards our customers, people, suppliers and other groups that we affect as an organization.

Passion and enthusiasm in the project and in the continuous improvement

We work with the illusion of getting better and better, being an important client and a leading supplier in the northern area of Spain in sheet-metal transformation. Continuous improvement in all areas, with special emphasis on satisfaction and staff training.

Environmental responsibility

We are committed to the conservation of the environment, promoting the rational and sustainable use of natural resources, striving to control consumption, waste, emissions and discharges to minimize possible impacts.

Gender equality

We have an important female presence in production positions and 31% of management positions are held by women. We aim to increase that quota progressively.

Code of Ethics

Code of ethics of REMIRU